Tuesday, August 28, 2007

survived another class

Well we survived another class and its off to A+P tonight. we did initial PT interviews and how to set up T nebulizers. and we started on the mountain of paperwork we have to fill out to do clinical's on real people. I signed less paperwork when I closed on my house. You can see little groups forming in the class. I like to call them SRT Pods Student Respiratory Therapist Pods. some what like a Pod of Killer Whales just not as dangerous till we learn to do AGB's then all bets are off. One other thing i noticed I am the grand old man of the class. we were filling out paperwork and I saw the date of birth of the SRT next to me. I was 20 when she was born LOL i think the closet to me in age other than the instructor is 27. well they say with age come wisdom well we will find out. the sleepiness goes on................

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday night

well it is the middle of the night on a Sunday i got a few hours till school and i am here at work and bored out of my mind. the night started off with lots of promises and when down hill from there. my wonderful weekend dinner companion had a case if poor Internet connection. so i made for a long boring lonely dinner with no witty conversation. Then we had problems keeping Patients on the monitors. I had one really sick little one who kept me on edge all weekend. She is doing better tonight but is looking at a long surgery ahead of her. I got class all day tomorrow after working all night its going to be a long day. well all I'm off to spread sunshine and sleep deprivation thought the hospital. Have a great day everyone and i will post for ya later.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday night bluesssssss

well its OMG its late Friday night at the Inner City Medical Center and its been a good Night so far. I am sitting here waiting for my favorite Friday night dinner companion to show up for some wonderful conversation. like Tom Petty said "the waiting is the hardest part". The only thing that was interesting so far was the announcement one of our techs made at the beginning of our shift. we will refer to him and Mr. Bitter. Mr Bitter walked into the office tonight and out of the blue he announced," I am carrying a digital recorder and if any of you use any profanity tonight i will go to management and have you fired. this is from an grown man who cannot do his job but for some reason he is still allowed to perform patient care. OH well it will be fun to see how the rest of my shift goes my dinner "date " is here sleep well everyone

Friday, August 24, 2007

Its Friday

Happy Friday all,

Well we made it thought the first week of RT school and now its time for work LOL. Its back too Inner City Medical Center for me tonight. I will hopefully have something witty to talk about come Monday. I will be another sleep deprived Rant for sure. I don't have much to Write about but i got a fun blog for you to check out its Redneck Rants
Its a great blog and I won the Cation # 3 contest LOL . Have a great week end everybody and stay safe.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

first day of school thoughts

Good afternoon, well I made it through the first days of class and my head did not explode (but if feels very close to exploding) who ever thought up Trigonometry is evil and we will leave it at that. I feel real good about the other classes A+P II looks tough but do able. the first set of clinical for the RT classes should have its name changed to Basic skills lab not clinicals. we will not see a patient for another 5 months. don't get me wrong what we are learning is very Important Like assessments skills , drawing ABG's PPE, we need to learn that but most of the class thought we were going to clinical sites not staying in a lab. I am just happy to be finally in the course and i am ready to move on. well I am off to work see ya all in the morning

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mistakes might make some hospitals broke

Here is a list of mistakes Medicare is not going to pay for anymore.
The rule identifies eight conditions — including three serious types of preventable incidents sometimes called "never events" — that Medicare no longer will pay for. Those conditions are:

• Objects left in a patient during surgery

• Blood incompatibility

• Air embolism

• Falls

• Mediastinitis, which is an infection after heart surgery

• Urinary tract infections from using catheters

• Pressure ulcers, or bed sores

• Vascular infections from using catheters

Is this rule is going to include Nursing Homes too. It should, I have seen a few Patients come from them with UTI's Falls, and Bed sore. You know they will find a way to pass the buck to the other patients. hmmmmm I can see it now I aspirin was 15.99 now at big blue hospital its 99.95 ahhhh the wonderful world of medicine you just got to love it.

Hello World

Hello I am RT/Medic welcome to my world. We got fun,games, crazy stories and all other wonders to behold. Please keep your windows rolled up and your hands inside at all times. Please dont feed the animals and prepare for take off.

Yesterday was the first day back to school and after working all night the last thing i was looking forward to was a 6 hour class on PPD and Infection control techniques. but i did good I did not nod off at all. one thing for all students to remember. RT/Medics rule number one caffeine is your friend. It will always be there and will never leave you. Till next time folks I hope to see you back again.