Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday night whheeeeeeeeeeee

Hello its Friday night and its pretty slow here in my little world. The Kids are behaving themselves and no trips to the ED to fix the monitor so its been a slow night I have one Peds patient who's been bradying down but nothing too bad. School is going good just hectic and my personal life seamed down the tubes. but when it seams the darkest a ray of light always shows up. I made a new friend tonight. we laughed and talked for a while and i have to admit I had a great time. Life is good with new friends. Its funny how when it seams like one chapter in your life is closing a new one always begins. I am looking forward to many new experiences coming up in the next few months with clinicals starting and making more new friends.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ABG Class

We did an all day class on acid/base and who to read ABG's In my RT class this week. We could of gotten it done in half the time if some of the class paid attention to the instructor and not sending out text messages on there cell phones. Then they all seamed to have a the same response " I dont get it can we go over it again". LOL It was so frustrating They did the same stuff at the end of last week in the classroom part of the class but over the weekend it all just disappeared from a few members of the class. then we got to practice drawing ABG's. the look on ones students face was priceless. I heard I did not sign up for this class to stick someone with a needle I just want to do breathing treatments.
So it was time to stick the little rubber arm a very few of us got it on the first stick :) the rest it took a little digging and a couple of resticks. then there was just one left. I don't think they ever held a needle in there life before never mind use it. It looked to me like she used the the Jason or the Micheal Myers technique on the arm she took the needle in hind like a killer holds a knife in the slasher movies and drove it home with so much force she buried the needle all the way in the arm. It looked like the most violent IM injection ever given. I did my best not to laugh and after a moment of shock we waled her through it and she did allot better the second time around. I know she will do wonderful as will most of the class they just need to keep there confidence up and we will form into a tight well tuned group of RTs.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yeah, dude you taught her a lesson

Tonight at the world famous Inner City Medical Center yours truly got a tour of the new and Improved Emergency Department. I got to see the new state of the art trauma and resuscitation rooms as well as the RT area. While i was down there we had three trauma come in at the same time. two were GSW to the chest and back by sumdude he really gets around that guy i wonder how he does it. But the golden idiot award goes to the third patient. Mr IQ was having a fight with his girlfriend and in an alcohol fueled moment of wisdom he decided to teach her a lesson. By pulling his own ear off with a pair of pliers. yep that's right folks he grabbed his own ear with a pair of pliers and yanked it off. it was not a pretty picture. and I'm not talking a little chunk it was the whole ear. boy I sure do miss EMS. It goes to show you tools and alcohol don't mix.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

double shot of RT love

well folks that right two post in one night I just finished dinner (alone) its just not as much fun to have dinner without good conversation. oh well maybe tonight will be a better night. well we are getting ready to do acid base and ABG interpretations in RT class. I love reading them its something new so I enjoy the hell out of it. I cannot wait till we start drawing them. I have been luck to have a lot of IV starts and a good training in the art of intubation. In my paramedic training was paired up with an Anesthesiologist who started off as a Paramedic in Germany and worked his way up to a flight medic then to a Anesthesiologist. He was a ball buster but he trained us well he wanted us to be able to manually control an airway because there will be people you cannot intubate with normal means. To bad the operation he had me do my manual airway was almost an hour and a half long. but i did it. He then taught me how to handle all types of airways and how to intubate in routine situations and in emergent situations. I really owe him a debit of gratitude. He got me interested in pulmonary medicine and planted the seed that become the dream of me becoming a Respiratory Therapist.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The start of another weekend

well folks its 11:34 on a Friday night and i am sitting in our spacious offices and enjoying another fun filled night in cardiology land. I am sitting here waiting for my dinner date to arrive and listening to the heart monitors Bing and bong in an attempt to drive me insane. I am waiting for grades to be posted for midterms Grrrrrrrr. I cannot wait to start hands on clinical we are doing stuff i am already competent in from my years of EMS so its hard for me to be optimistic when I am rehashing old stuff. at least i get to help some of the students with no medical training learn to do vitals and physical exams. well my friends I am off to the waiting area for my date. take care

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Half way Through

Good morning its 7 am on my day off and i am here on the laptop. we had midterms yesterday in RT clinical lab class. I am feeling very confident about it so we will see on Monday. We are getting ready for Hospital clinical which start next semester and i am so ready for it. school is getting tougher now and the class are getting more intense. On a brighter note I replaced my totaled car and I love the new one. well everybody I am going to go catch up on some sleep and I will keep you posted on any changes. take care and be safe.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday night bluessssssssssss

well I am here at work and it was going great. work was not to bad, I was having my weekend cyber date with my favorite person in the world and I was letting all the worries leave my mind from the beginning of the week when. Whammmmm her Internet goes down for the first time in a long time. so now i sit here in the dark corner on my office waiting for her to come back. this week has been one cruel joke after another. I hope the world is being kinder to you all. this week has sucked BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bad way to end a great weekend

It was a great weekend in the Inner City Medical Center. We had a great crew for the most part on this weekend and I had some wonderful dinner conversations and I learned a lot about my favorite dinner companion over the weekend:). Sunday night was great, we had a great shift only a few admits to the Peds floor Most of the little ones were stable, So I was living large and happy. The Monitoring system actually stayed online for the night and I was looking forward to class. I walked to the parking garage listening to some Linkin Park and I felt like I was on top of the world. I got in my car and was heading home to shower and eat before class. As I was pulling out another vehicle decided it wanted to occupy the same space my car was in and I got nailed. My car was hit in the driver side front fender and push about 10 feet up the street. Thank god No one was hurt and the other cart had only minor damage. My Dodge looks like its totaled. I could barely put into park. well it was not a great way to start the week but I know it will only get better. Stay safe everyone and have a great week.