Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out of the wilderness

Hello Campers, yes its been way to long and yes there has been some changes. School is going good. We are done with the two semesters of adults and now we move to the land of the Peds. Finals are done for the semester and i did quite well. Work is just as insane short staffed and lack of equipment makes for some crazy nights. My personal life been a roller coaster break ups and reunions and lost love rekindled. Lost some Friends new and old and with each went a little piece of my heart. I was wondering in the wilderness for way too long. I got my life back on track, I come out of the woods just as sleep deprived as before and twice as sarcastic. Life is getting better two semesters left. How i did not cause worry, if I did sorry but i am back and folks we are going to have some fun.
Peace to all