Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another week in the Med center

Hello all,
Well im finishing up homework and getting ready for another fun weekend in Peds cardiology land. I saw a post about Patient reps and patient complaints . We had to deal with one over the weekend we had a lady who's child we were taking care of from an MVA she was hurt too but the child was far worse. She came out and said " I am in severe pain I need pain Medication give me something. we were like sorry you are not a patient here we cannot do that. she stormed back to the room. she came out 20 minutes later yep you guessed it demanding pain meds for her. we told her the same answer as before but I guess she did not understand us. Well guess what an hour later her babydaddy comes out of the room looking all thug like and say" yo give my babymomma her pain meds " I just rolled my eyes. we explained to him, sir she is not a patient we cannot give her Medication. well he walked off mumbling something . not ten minutes later patient rep is at the nurses station wanting to know why we are withholding a patients pain medication. we explained to her she not the patient her child is. hmmm it should of been a clue when she come to he pediatric floor but I ll give her the benefit of the doubt. sh she went into to room and talked to them it turns out she has a prescription of pain killers from the ED there just did not want to run out to the pharmacy to get it filled they figured we would give them the meds because she had a prescription LOL nope soory Rite drug is just down the street
man some people are just to lazy. till next time stay safe........................

heres the original link i referred too

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Im such a slacker

Hello All of my readers and yes you know who you two are :)
I am so sorry i been slacking and i have not posted in a while. I been working like crazy and I had a birthday my 40th its no big deal LOL. School is going good, Stressful but good. my personal life is the only bright spot in my life :) Work been insane we had a great night till the monitoring system for the 1000+ bed hospital decided it wanted the night off and shut down. It was such a bad time too right in the middle of my wonderful Dinner conversation with my best friend in the world. I will make it up to you I promise. Well folks back to studying see ya all later