Thursday, December 18, 2008

One step closer to the end......

Hello All,
I know i been slacking bad and I am sorry its been so long. I had some major changes in my life and I am back on track. I have one semester left and I will be done with RT school! I also have a new girlfriend and a new apartment. Her name is Kim and she is Amazing. she is a feisty red head who makes me laugh till i get a belly ache. We just did a trip to the Biltmore for a candle light Christmas tour and it was awe inspiring the place was huge and it was very festive. They had close to a 50 foot live tree in the main dining room. We took a ride on the Blue ridge Parkway and the mountains were Beautiful. School is going great this semester saw things coming together for a bunch of us. We had a few more drop outs it really don't make sense coming this far to drop it at the beginning of the last semester. I do feel sorry for them but most said they well be back to finish. I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas will be posting more soon.
Merry Christmas

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JeRRTep said...

the g/f's name is Kim or the apt's name is Kim? which one is it? lol, j/k....welcome back, I'm back too...can't wait to get going again.