Saturday, December 8, 2007

First Semster done

Ok folks we got done with our competencies this week and i passed with flying colors on the written and the oral boards. I wish i could say the same for my partner she did good on the written but did not make it through the orals and there was a bad order written in the chart for o2 to be given at 4lpm via NRB and she did it and set it up on a humidifier and the other order was for a MDI Q4 with spacer she gave the patient a SVN treatment. I think she really did not care because she told every one she was dropping the program. So far out of the 4 students with me for the first day of clinicals one is dropping and two more are talking about dropping. I looks like soon i might be the only one in my clinical group at clinicals. so I got the final exam left and I will be done. plus if i was not under enough stress with school i am moving into a new apartment at the first of the year.
Have a great weekend all.